Conversations with Amen Iseghohi

Amen Iseghohi’s life story may sound like a movie script, but far from fiction. He first arrived in the United States from London England in 2001 as a 25yr old migrant in pursuit of the American Dream. Amen soon had to rely on his tenacity and burning desire to beat the odds.

Amen strongly believes that mind and body are not separate and encourages a positive attitude in all aspects of our lives. His back-to basics approach to fitness can also be applied to our daily lifestyle. As Amen often quotes:
“The paradox of our time, is that we have learned to make a living but not a life…”

Amen’s positive message is directed to athletes, corporate and any individual looking to balance life with work, family and all other duties in life that get us off the path to being healthy & staying fit!