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Amen Grateful
As we approach another year in business, I can not help but reflect on how interesting our journey has been. We have accomplished so much with so little. From one Kid and a tire in park, to numerous gyms in Arizona, West coast and Canada, Established a non profit that has been recognized for its incredible impact, created an at-home DVD series, and recently published our first Book.
Life, for all its blessings has its lessons. I learnt early on that In order to succeed you must have a plan, however not everything may go according to plan. Our ability to adapt and persevere when faced with unexpected challenges, truly determines how successful the plan becomes.
An observant member, and now good friend Mills Morgan felt the need to share his thoughts with me not too long ago. He said “I have seen gyms come and go but you guys continue to stand firm and even grow.” What I admire about you the most, is your consistency. Your values and principles has never changed in the years that I have been a member. What you have created isn’t just a workout facility, you guys have created is a lifestyle Movement.”
Amenzone is a community of like minded people that believe there is more to Fitness than being fit. True wellness comes deep from within. The hour you spend with us each day, should be an experience that empowers you to face the world outside.
I have watched life long friendships outside the gym that took root at Amenzone, Watched young children grow into their teenage years, seen couples Wed that met at Amenzone, and even heard of some that lost jobs and found new careers from other members of our Healthy Lifestyle community.
We are constantly looking at ways to improve your experience, evolve, and grow without comprising what we stand for as a company. In the months and years ahead you will notice we have been listening and actively making some adjustments to better suit your unique experience at Amenzone Fitness.
There’s an old African adage “A tree without solid roots is easily blown over.” The Root of Amenzone is its COMMUNITY. We thank you for the privilege of being the host and consider you as family. We always welcome your thoughts and feedback. You are our number one priority! Thank you for your incredible support over the years.Cheers,
Amen Iseghohi