Amenzone Locations Expanding to Canada in 2015

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Dec. 9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ –Imagine walking into a gym with no weights, no machines, no mirrors, and a bunch of clean recycled tires. Amenzone Fitness has spent the last five years building communities and bringing together fitness minded people. Amen Iseghohi, Founder and CEO of Amenzone Franchise, has taken a back-to-basics approach to fitness using equipment found in our everyday environments, paired it with a motivational style of training and created a movement that uses fitness as a vehicle of self-empowerment.

The simplicity of the concept mirrors the design of the business structure. Minimal set up with low overhead, yet amplifies the potential of success for business owners. Launching its franchise efforts just over 1 year ago, Amenzone Fitness has established itself as a national brand and as of this moment, the Amenzone movement has gone international.

Amenzone Canada Franchise & Career Opportunities

First stop, Canada! The franchised based gym concept will be opening multiple gyms in Montreal Canada in the coming months. People can join as members and become part of the fitness family or they can buy into the fitness industry for a quarter of the cost and time that most franchises take to establish.
Notable points:

Amenzone Fitness Canada is creating new jobs and will be hiring (regional managers, trainers, front desk attendees and more)

  • Multiple Locations will be opening in Montreal, Canada
  • The workouts are done using clean recycled tires and the body’s own weight
  • Amenzone gyms take up to 90 days to set up (average gyms setups take 3-9 months)
  • The cost of owning an Amenzone Franchise location has a low entry fee and affordable overall cost
  • There are no mirrors in the Amenzone Fitness locations because Amenzone believes in focusing on working from the inside out, not the outside in
  • Amenzone Foundation: Founded on the belief that many of the issues facing today’s youth are a result of low self-esteem, poor nutrition, and lack of fitness. Many of these issues can be improved through engaging in physical activity and making healthy life choices about nutrition.

For more information contact Kym McQuown, Executive Director of Amenzone Fitness Franchise at 1-877-209-9931 for franchise gym opportunities, visit:

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