Trainer Spotlight: Nic Durso

What inspired you to become a trainer at Amenzone Fitness?
The main thing that inspired me to become an Amenzone trainer was the confidence I saw in the other trainers and the way others were motivated by them. I wanted to be different than every other fitness trainer out there.

How do you inspire others in your classes?
I inspire people in my classes by pushing them to do things they didn’t think they could do and giving them my own life experiences and lessons that I’ve learned.

As a leader, what challenges have you experienced and overcome?
As a teenager and young adult i struggled with being a productive member of society. I didn’t have the confidence to be a positive leader to anyone. I was leading myself down the wrong road but turned it all around one day because I wanted to take care of my family and be a positive role model for kids and teens that had the same problems as me. Today, I live a life as a man i only dreamt of being because I never gave up.

Skies the limit, What are your aspirations within the Amenzone Fitness Company?
I hope to keep growing in my personal training and group classes and to start a clothing company based out of Amenzone street fitness clothing line. I plan to become a professional boxer and bring more attention to Amenzone by sharing my story and growth that Amenzone and all the trainers have taught me.

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