Amen Iseghohi and Bicycles of Scottsdale Deserving Teen Giveaway

In the effort to continue fighting childhood obesity and educate teens about physical education, Amen Iseghoghi, CEO/Founder of Amenzone Fitness Franchise’s goal is to change a child’s life one tire at a time. Amen’s rural upbringing taught him one thing, “use your environment as a tool to self-empowerment.”  It is with this back-to-basics knowledge that Amenzone Fitness stands alone in believing that, “No Machines, No Mirrors, No Weights and No Excuses” is the right way to natural mental and physical health.

Please submit a brief statement of a teen under the age of 16 who you feel would be deserving of a new bike (valued at $500-$1200 each) and why.  Amen Iseghoghi is personally gifting professionally refurbished mountain / road bikes to multiple teen candidates AT THE END OF EVERY MONTH beginning in July. So keep your eyes open, let’s give back to our children and lead the example that “good things come to those who wait.” Please follow the instructions below to enter to win!

How to Enter the “Deserving Teen” Giveaway:

1. Like Amenzone Fitness on Facebook
2. Like Bicycle of Scottsdale on Facebook
3. Submit a comment below with your brief statement of a teen under the age of 16 who you feel would be deserving of a new mountain / road bike (valued at $500-$1200 each) and why.
4. We’ll announce winners at the end of EVERY MONTH on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Tips & Guidelines:

You can only submit one entry so make sure you emphasize why your candidate is deserving of the bike.
Make sure to follow Amenzone Fitness to stay up to date on the contest!
• Please do not disclose your physical address or phone number when submitting your message. When submitting your comment, you will be asked to submit your first name and email address.

Terms & Conditions: Amenzone Fitness staff will select one winner  per week based on the achievements, leadership and progress of moving forward, pertaining to the giveaway theme. The bicycle will need to be picked up from an Amenzone Fitness corporate location (North Scottsdale, Fountain Hills or South Scottsdale) with no exceptions.  Winners will be contacted each week via e-mail by the following Monday from the week in which their entry was submitted. The winner must accept their prize within 24 hours or a runner-up winner will be contacted. Bikes are non-transferable and cannot be sold or redeemed for any cash value at Bicycles of Scottsdale.

Participating and entering in this giveaway is considered a complete release of Bicycles of Scottsdale, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram by all participants. Participants are providing information to  Amenzone Fitness and not to a third party tool / entity or Bicycles of Scottsdale. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Bicycles of Scottsdale and any Social Media Network mentioned above. All participants submitting an entry must be over the age of 18 years and reside within the Maricopa County limits in the state of Arizona. Winners may be asked to share their name, along with a photo of themselves using the product received for Amenzone Fitness’ marketing purposes.

3 thoughts on “Amen Iseghohi and Bicycles of Scottsdale Deserving Teen Giveaway

  1. I’ve been trying to afford gettting JC and Andrew’s bikes refurbished but it looks like it costs just as much as a new bike. If you pick them I’ll give you 4 to be refurbish. Plus they’ll be able yo get themselves to Amenzone!

  2. Dear Amenzone,
    My son Alex is in need of a bicycle badly. He has has 3 foot surgeries on his left foot to build an arch and it is difficult for him to excercise the "traditional way" for now. He has done months of therapy, through home therapy and having to go to Los Angeles frequently to see doctors and learn new therapy movements. He goes through The Shriners Hospital for all of his procedures, as I do not have private insurance. He and his sister have always been very active however now he is left at home all the time as he isnt able to keep up, and walking, running, and hiking for one day can cripple him for a day or two. He is about 6 ft tall and pushing 130 now/ This does frightens me alot as type 2 diabetes runs on both sides of the family. He used to have a bike and rode it everywhere, the library, school, ect. He rode it school one day and someone stole it. I have been ill and not able to work for over a year so replacing it has not been an option for me. Riding a bike is a very easy way for him to excercise and keep up with his older sister Josephine.

  3. Kacey Carroll, Mark’s daughter (All this from listening to her father speak of his family). She has taken her struggles with learning face on. I don’t call it a learning disability because a disability is defined a limiting a person, she began her quest to no longer be limited. An example is for Christmas all she just wanted was a tutor. What child replaces material items on Christmas for a tutor. One that faces life head on and declares that she is now in charge. As any teenage she also faced changes in her body and hormones. She began running a little and tried out for sports in school. In some of the try outs she was not selected but that didn’t stop her from trying out again. She has also learned to communicate with her father what she is thinking, feeling or when & why she is frustrated. Instead of being the stereotype teen and locking herself in her room, and shutting out the world. Overall, this young lady has taken charge of her life without peer pressure getting in her way! A Champ, if ever!!

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